Celebrating the journey to motherhood... Maternity Photoshoot at home

Lily’s first baby arrived before she could have any maternity photos taken, so we scheduled her maternity session for her second baby a little early.

She asked if we could have them taken outdoors, and whilst I do have a soft spot for a flower field, there was something that I wanted to preserve about her experience. I suggested that perhaps we could take them at home and capture her bump in a relaxed way, so that we could really take the time to capture the beauty of her bump and this moment in time.

The reason I mention this is to say that everybody's journey is different. And one location does not necessarily fit all people. I'm so glad that Lily trusted me with this and am excited to share a few of her images with you here. It was an honour to capture this beautiful motherhood journey and to celebrate how strong and amazing our bodies are. I will leave you with Lily's words once she received her gallery:

"I feel at my most beautiful and powerful when pregnant, my body is doing what it was made for It makes me feel super body confident, and now I've finally managed to capture that, thanks to Chui!"