Documenting your days with photos...

One of our favourite things to do as a family when we have time is rock-pooling at the beach. It's a little trek down there, and this time round I wasn't feeling 100%, but it's always worth the journey.

We've started to find out when the tide is out, as the rock-pooling opportunities are brilliant then 🤓 I have hundreds of images from our trips to the beach, and it was interesting to think which ones I'd print if I were to make a book that the girls can enjoy. For me, although it makes it easier on the eye, it isn't just a portrait, or standing somewhere that's pretty that I think they'll treasure, but more of a document of what we did, so it can jog their memories in years to come.

These are the things that I always love to incorporate in my longer shoots. I love a rounded story - one that includes setting the scene, introducing characters, discovery, movement, a bit of silliness, something that tells a story about each character and details... Ok, I'm missing an image of myself - but I was ill, so please forgive me!

What is it that you love to do as a family? How would you document it? What would you like to remember about these days?

Here are a few from our recent trip. Ok, I'm missing a family image of all of us - but I was ill so forgive me!

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