Birth Photography Gloucester Maternity Unit - Chapter 2

One of the things that I love about Beth is that she is so 'normal'. She's real. She's comfortable with sharing the unedited everyday and makes her readers feel comfort by being a 'normal' human being.

She champions this approach in her hypnobirthing classes and on her blog The Bump to Baby Chapter which is so refreshing and cuts through the polished accounts which make so many of us feel like we're not quite enough in this insta-perfect world.

This was the first birth that I have actually experienced with full mental capacity. I was excited from a visual perspective - so many storytelling aspects and emotions to capture, and of course the moment that the baby is born is about as amazing as it gets... But the labour? Not so pretty, right?

It wasn't the otherworldly magical birth that I find hard to imagine myself having... It was Beth - she was funny, she was real, she was sarcastic. Her husband sat on the other side of the room, as he knew she prefers her own space, but stepped in to support her when she needed him to. There was so much 'normal' about it...

And it was more empowering to watch than I could ever have imagined.