My own family photos taken at home, Cheltenham

In my quest to be remembered in our family photos, I'm persevering with self portraits. It's a great exercise from a technical perspective. Taking photos is like second nature to me, but taking those same photos of myself is so much harder - it's a little like trying to juggle behind your back.

And because of the extra effort involved, it's a good way of really considering what my treasured memories would be of this time. The images that I will cherish, and those that I would love my children to remember about their childhood.

On top of my list is cuddles and fun at home. I wanted to take a photo that I love taking of clients. Being able to visualise ourselves back into that moment. Remembering how it felt and what it sounded like... And dodging just in time when those wonderful giggles turned into chaos, and not quite so wonderful dribble...