Choosing images from your photoshoot...

I’m love taking natural family photos that are beautiful. But for me, the expressions have to be genuine, and I will use all of the tricks in the book to make them so.

Sometimes I will have an idea for a pose that will look amazing on your wall in canvas. I will push for the image that I have in my head. But I love the in between photos that I take on the way and I absolutely don’t hold back on these when I deliver your gallery.

This is because I love these photos of my family just as much as the ones that we plan for our walls - in fact they ARE the ones that I would want on my walls… For me, they are perfectly imperfect.

Here are a few of examples of the perfect V’s perfectly imperfect side by side of these beautiful twins that I met the other weekend with their gorgeous brother. Which ones would you choose to put on your wall?