London - a refreshing change

Photography for me is not just a job. It’s a passion, and one that I can’t seem to switch off. I’m constantly thinking about my surroundings and the light . Different angles, composition and stories to tell. And I’m glad that I brought my camera with me last weekend.

My sister is currently working on one of the tallest buildings in London - second tallest only to the Shard. 278m high, with a 360 degree view, 62 floors, and a lift that travels 8 metres per second.

We were excited to see where she worked and had the privilege to visit at the weekend. I loved the juxtaposition of old and new buildings, and the dizzying heights of the surrounding sky scrapers. The girls got to see the sights of London in miniature - they ‘signed’ some floor tiles, my sister photobombed her own photo, and when the early evening light came in, they literally had to usher me out!

It was one of those things where there is so much to see that you can’t quite take it all in. That is the beauty of photography, it allows you can soak in and appreciate what you’ve just experienced.

Celebrating the journey to motherhood... Maternity Photoshoot at home

Lily’s first baby arrived before she could have any maternity photos taken, so we scheduled her maternity session for her second baby a little early.

She asked if we could have them taken outdoors, and whilst I do have a soft spot for a flower field, there was something that I wanted to preserve about her experience. I suggested that perhaps we could take them at home and capture her bump in a relaxed way, so that we could really take the time to capture the beauty of her bump and this moment in time.

The reason I mention this is to say that everybody's journey is different. And one location does not necessarily fit all people. I'm so glad that Lily trusted me with this and am excited to share a few of her images with you here. It was an honour to capture this beautiful motherhood journey and to celebrate how strong and amazing our bodies are. I will leave you with Lily's words once she received her gallery:

"I feel at my most beautiful and powerful when pregnant, my body is doing what it was made for It makes me feel super body confident, and now I've finally managed to capture that, thanks to Chui!"

Pretty Morning Light

Home. It’s where memories are made. This table will be ingrained with hundreds of meals, countless conversations and many hours spent playing , crafting and learning. That’s why I love photographing at home. because one day this won’t be our home, but the memories will always be there.

Next week it will be the first week that both girls will be at school full time. It's the end of an era, and it's bittersweet for me. I love that my little one has settled in well. But she’s such lovely company that I'll miss having her around. And more importantly- who is going to be my photography buddy in the pretty morning light?

Vogue Published

* Vogue Published * -

I was excited and honoured to have had my photo approved by Vogue Italia this morning... There’s something so wonderful about traditional British Seasides. These sisters caught my eye at Weston Super Mare when the tide was so far out that we couldn’t even see the sea on the horizon… If there ever is a place that I will always bring my camera, it will be at the beach. Everyone is relaxed, happy and it really conjures up wonderful memories of family holidays.


Here are a few of my other photos from that day…

To see a few of my other images approved by Vogue, click here:


The Beautiful Everyday Moments of Childhood

With our perfect Instagram photos and sharing highlights of our ‘best lives, I’m feeling like we may be losing a bit of who we actually are. Don’t get me wrong - it’s my job to capture you all living your best lives and looking beautiful…. and although I love to capture a few ‘normal’ photos on my shoots, I shy away from sharing ‘normal life’ photos online, because perhaps they are not ‘aspirational’ enough…

But am I wrong in thinking this? I’m starting to think that a photoshoot documenting real life would be a wonderful heirloom to have. REAL stories are precious, and that we will be digging deep for these ‘average’ moments in the future when we look back at our lives. They will be the missing details of our lives.

This is my little one playing chef at breakfast. It’s not styled in the slightest (clearly!), it was way too early in the morning to change anything for the sake of a photo! BUT the light was good and I’m a sucker for good light... She was dressed in her favourite mismatched morning clothes, cut up some dried apricot and scattered it on her toast. Then requested that she blew milk bubbles - until my ocd kicked in…

So how about more of us shared more of our every day normal? Wouldn’t we all feel a little bit better about life? I’m sure that one day I’ll look back and be glad that I took these types of photos.

And if anyone would like to have a photoshoot documenting real life - please get in touch! I’d love to document your everyday beautiful.

Choosing images from your photoshoot...

I’m love taking natural family photos that are beautiful. But for me, the expressions have to be genuine, and I will use all of the tricks in the book to make them so.

Sometimes I will have an idea for a pose that will look amazing on your wall in canvas. I will push for the image that I have in my head. But I love the in between photos that I take on the way and I absolutely don’t hold back on these when I deliver your gallery.

This is because I love these photos of my family just as much as the ones that we plan for our walls - in fact they ARE the ones that I would want on my walls… For me, they are perfectly imperfect.

Here are a few of examples of the perfect V’s perfectly imperfect side by side of these beautiful twins that I met the other weekend with their gorgeous brother. Which ones would you choose to put on your wall?

Newborn Twins in home photoshoot , Cheltenham

Twins. Double the Love ♥️♥️

This was a really special session for me. I've known Lara since we were pregnant with our eldest children. The journey to this point has been an emotional one and it was an honour to capture this precious time for them.

Their family is now complete with these beautiful twins, filling their home with more love than they could imagine having space for.

It was such a joy to capture a glimpse of their world - one which will not allow a huge amount of time to stop still and take it all in. I believe that this is when photography really comes into its own. It freezes this time, so that when you have a moment in between the sleep fog, you can look at these images and see how beautiful and blessed your life as it is.

**Please get in touch early to book your family photoshoot - diary filling up to 2020**
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Newborn Family Session at home Cheltenham

This newborn family photoshoot was so special to me. My girls both attended Holly and Sam’s lovely Montessori based nursery in Cheltenham when they opened for business, I photographed their boys as I set up my business, and their new addition arrived days before my youngest graduated from their nursery. What a journey - it’s crazy to think of it like that!

I’m not sure why I’m sharing this apart from the fact that I am a real people person. I love getting to know my families and all of their personalities - this is the very core of what I do and how I photograph them. And nothing makes me happier than to make beautiful photographs that capture you being you.

Anyway, enough of my words - the photos will speak for themselves…

Summer Fun!

It’s been busy here with family photoshoots and Confetti Field Shoots, and I was thinking that I had enough galleries to edit that I should take it easy and not take so many photos of my girls. But then we started playing with bubbles, and I just couldn’t resist. Kitchen utensils - who would have thought this provided so much entertainment? I’ve shortlisted these as my favourites - Bubbles - there can never be enough bubbles in a child’s world. So why have 1 image when you can have 16??

Newborn Sessions - what to expect.

Newborn sessions are relaxed and are guided by your baby. I find that it is a wonderful way of soaking this time in. Because the reality of life is that there are few moments when a newborn joins the family that you all get to sit together and just ‘be’ for a while.

I direct you as a family to create images that will capture beautiful honest photos of you all. Finding the light to show your best side off and taking images of all the tiny little details that you don’t want to forget. All I ask of you is to be relaxed and at ease, enjoy your babies, and be yourselves and I promise you will have a gallery of images that will bring joy for years to come.

My favourite newborn photos...

I get it. You’re trying to soak it all in, to remember it all. In the haze between feeding, changing, burping, and swaying… Every tiny breath, yawn, windy smile is so fleeting and precious. Their tiny fingers wrapped around yours, and the way they bring the whole family to connect together so naturally.

At my newborn photoshoots, I have a list of my favourite things that I love to capture. I’ve listed a few of them below. What are the things that you’d like to remember?

  1. Mother’s love

  2. All snuggled up

  3. Daddy’s gentle side

  4. Older Sibling with baby

  5. Tiny toes

  6. Fun

  7. Togetherness

  8. Feeding

  9. Yawning

  10. Your story right now

Mother’s love

Mother’s love

All snuggled up

All snuggled up

Father’s gentle side

Father’s gentle side

Older sibling

Older sibling

Baby Toes

Baby Toes

Family fun

Family fun







Your story

Your story

Newborn Family Session at home Cheltenham

Newborn sessions. I just adore them. Capturing their tiny little hands and feet, their little yawns, and those lovely little windy smiles!

But for me, it isn't just about the baby. It's about the whole family as individuals during this time. Your first born, who seems to suddenly grown twofold overnight. Your husband/partner who is showing his most gentle side. And you, connecting with your baby, soaking up every tiny little snuffle, so that you can remember these moments forever.

During this time, you are remembering how you were and learning how to fit together as a family in your new normal. I capture moments where you like to play, dance, soothe and connect . During your session, we’re not just making portraits. We’re capturing your memories.

Katy - I absolutely loved visiting your family at this special time and hope that you treasure these images for years to come. With special thanks to your lovely friends for booking your session as a surprise for your Baby Shower! What a wonderful gift! 😍

Creative Project with Female Photographers across the UK

This winter I met up with the beautiful and talented @hushpictures in Cheltenham for a creative photography project called @thetravellingmustard - a dress that is being passed onto female photographers throughout the UK. It was a wonderful way to connect and inspire each other whilst walking the same paths. We took photos at various locations - at night, at sunrise, indoors and outdoors, in both natural and artificial light. For me, this project was more than just taking photos, it was a journey of inspiration and spontaneity, with some hilarious stories, celebrating femininity, community and above all - friendship ❤️

My own family photos taken at home, Cheltenham

In my quest to be remembered in our family photos, I'm persevering with self portraits. It's a great exercise from a technical perspective. Taking photos is like second nature to me, but taking those same photos of myself is so much harder - it's a little like trying to juggle behind your back.

And because of the extra effort involved, it's a good way of really considering what my treasured memories would be of this time. The images that I will cherish, and those that I would love my children to remember about their childhood.

On top of my list is cuddles and fun at home. I wanted to take a photo that I love taking of clients. Being able to visualise ourselves back into that moment. Remembering how it felt and what it sounded like... And dodging just in time when those wonderful giggles turned into chaos, and not quite so wonderful dribble...