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Christmas at Home: Decorating Gingerbread Houses

This is what I would like my children to feel nostalgic for when it comes to Christmas. Sharing moments with family and friends, surrounded by food, warmth, joy and silliness. ❤️ This year we baked a lot, but over a series of days (I can only handle a certain amount of flour and sprinkles in one sitting!)

There's a lovely time of the day when the winter sun shines through our lounge, it happened at the time that we got round to decorating these Gingerbread Houses. Understanding light can change things from pretty good to something really special, highlighting different aspects of an image. Among other things, I use my understanding of light in different ways to colour the emotion/activity, depending on the moment I’m wanting to capture. Here, I moved the table across slightly to bring the light to the table - effectively achieving the softness that 'sunset' or the ‘golden hour’ gives, but indoors.

Backstory: I've failed for a few years in a row to make Gingerbread Houses from scratch, so I hedged my bets and bought these kit houses, one pre baked and another shake and bake! I’d say it was a good move, even if it was a bit of a struggle to match the pieces up - I'm no engineer! 😅