Cheltenham Newborn Photographer

Newborn Family Photoshoot at home - for a Newborn Photographer!!

I remember messaging an absolute rockstar maternity and newborn family photographer as a complete fangirl, telling her that her images took my breath away. So when she asked me to take her own newborn family photos at her home, it was almost a quest for me - to take photos that I would have loved to have had, if I’d had the foresight to do this when my girls were babies.

In fact I approach all of my newborn shoots in this way. I want to capture the memories of holding them, the way they look back at you, sharing that joy with your family, and just being present in those hazy early days. Because those memories are fuzzy and lovely, but many fuzzy… and they go in a flash. Which is why having photos of this time is precious, and becomes more precious as time goes on.

It was important to me that I captured Jo with her family, as she is more than capable of taking all of the others! But I couldn't resist taking a few extras, as her baby is just so ridiculously adorable! 

@johannashannonlittle - thank you so much for trusting me to capture your precious memories! I'm so incredibly honoured and am super excited to share some of your sneak peaks with you! ❤️

Stunning, relaxed home photoshoot with newborn twins

Beautiful relaxed newborn family Cheltenham

I'm a strong believer in how your experience is re-lived whenever you look at your photos, which is why I place great importance on enjoying your photoshoot. This is the reason that I love photographing newborns at home, where everyone is relaxed and surrounded by familiar smells and home comforts. There's no need to pack your bags, or worry about being late because baby needs to feed or needs changing. I can come to you, and will capture your first precious days with your new baby at home.

You really couldn't get much more relaxed than this family - and seriously, how can a new mum of twins look so together and amazing? With an active 3 year old son too?! I adored your newborn session Bernadette Wilson! Thank you so much for inviting me to capture your precious first few weeks with your beautiful family!