Family photoshoot

Taking real photos of your beautiful everyday - not just the Insta-worthy moments...

Something a little different today... and not what I thought I'd write about here, but it's a message that I'd like to share.

It's about the 'Insta-Perfect' world. The images that are the highlights, but not the whole story. The photos that are show our best side off, but forget the perfect imperfection of our everyday. So there are be gaps in our stories. Big gaps. The gaps that may well be the moments you want to remember in the future.

The rainy days when we put waterproofs over their onesies, and pop to the alleyway near our house where the wheelie bins live, because the best puddles are there. The not-so-wooden toys that I put aside to take to the charity shop, but they are constantly re-discovered and enjoyed all over again. The perfect toddler sized hand-me-down Peppa Pig cups that the girls still love are very faded now and starting to look too small. These things are seemingly not worthy of capturing. But there's something real about them that I love.

Don’t get me wrong - I adore the wonderful fuzzy warm photos of everyone all together in a big messy pile of love and giggles, I’m just as excited to take an Insta-worthy image, but I'd love to capture your ordinary too. And I’m willing to bet that some of those very ordinary moments may well end up being among your favourites when you look back in years to come 😍

Drop me a line if you’d like to document some of your real moments in a Treasured Memories session, or if you’d like me to join you for a morning or afternoon!

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After the Fog: Bobble Hats, Smiles in family photo shoot on Leckhampton Hill

Gorgeous family outdoor shoot

Oh my goodness, so so many favourites to share of this gorgeous family! And to think we almost called this family session off because the fog was completely covering Leckhampton Hill in the morning! Amazingly it cleared, and what a wonderful time we had! It really does feel good to wrap up and make yourselves get out for some fresh air - I'm so glad that we did! 

Don't worry Kate Sylvester - I promise I have lots of lovely photos with everyone smiling at the camera, but this bobble hat one makes my heart so happy! And it totally made my day when your children broke out in the chicken dance whilst we were taking your romantic couple portrait!! 😂