Family photography - do parents need to be in the photographs too?

I’m a strong believer in including parents in my photoshoots. Photographs are more than just a Christmas card to Grandma. They can be healing and comforting in good times and bad. It doesn’t matter if it’s just our hands, or the back of your head - in order for our children to remember that we were there, we need to be in these photos. They are your story as a family.

I had confidence issues with my appearance until I was an adult and I'm just as self conscious as the next person when it comes to having my photo taken. So for those who are self conscious / camera shy / reluctant husbands - I totally get it. I make it a big part of my job to ensure that you are relaxed first and foremost, by just focussing on your children.

I then direct you to just play and cuddle your children using the light and my experience to show your best side off. And I take photos of this. Nothing more, nothing less - just you spending time with your loved ones. And I promise that you’ll love these photos as much as your children will.

Beautiful emotive family portraits...

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