Education & Mentoring

Would you like to improve your photography? Are you feeling like you need a little help with where you’re going with your business? Whether you take photos for fun or for business, please get in touch - I would love to help you take your photography to the next level!

Parents with cameras

girls giggling outdoors sisters

I get it - you want to capture ALL of their everyday childhood moments! But sometimes the vision that you have in your head doesn’t translate to your photos. What if I told you that there are some very simple things that you could do to improve your photography? Whether you have a fancy camera on auto, or an iphone, I will share my tips and tricks that will make a big difference to your everyday photos of your tribe

1:1 1hour in person




If you’re looking to up your photography game - let’s take a look at your grid and the things that inspire you. I will share my tips what to look out for and how to take photos that stand out to keep your feed looking stylish, varied and cohesive.

1:1 1hour in person


Image / Portfolio review

Newborn family photoshoot at home tickles on bed

Let’s look at your portfolio to find out what drives you and ignites your passion. I will review 25 of your favourite images and discuss your inspirations. We will talk about light, composition, storytelling, posing, and connection and then concentrate on channeling your strengths and your goals, leaving you with strong ideas on what to focus on to move your images in the direction that you want to.

1 hour in person / video review session


Shoot with me!


If you’re hoping to offer more lifestyle imagery for clients or if you learn better by taking part, join me for half a day, where I will share my tips and tricks of how I shoot. We will cover light, posing, composition, storytelling, gallery variety, connection, how to get the best out of your family and my workflow. I will arrange a live shoot within 25 miles of Cheltenham, a family and model release for you. Images that you take at this session will be available for you to use for your portfolio.

4 hour in person mentoring &. live shoot



Mentoring Intensive

flying airport girl

This programme is all about the long game. Let’s look at your portfolio, your online presence, what drives you and what ignites your passion. We will concentrate on channeling your strengths to move forward as a photographer, getting down and dirty on the technical side and covering any specific areas that you would like to work on. We’ll also talk about when to let go of the technical and just shoot from your heart. This will get you feeling on top of everything and in charge of where you want to go with your photography.

6 hours in person - £549

5% discount on multiple sessions booked at a time. Prices are subject to change at any time, please get in touch for your mentoring session.